Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Suzanne Heninger

The first thing you should know about Suzanne Heninger is that she is dogged and determined when it comes to improving her life—you’ll see what we mean. The second thing you should know, which makes the first all the more impressive, is that Suzanne has dealt with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis for most of her adult life. Her joints have been under attack, which has required her to use prescriptions to stave off the disease.


Despite her rheumatoid arthritis, Suzanne has never been casual about doing what she wants. In the summer of 2011, she decided she wanted improve her health. She completed Transformation and improved her fitness so much that she began to compete in triathlons. She began to understand her personal potential, though she admits that she was still largely concerned about just being thin.

Her concerns changed in March of this year. It was a turning point for Suzanne, and she decided that she wanted to do more than just be thin; she wanted to push herself harder and achieve greater fitness with Transformation. She was meticulous in documenting the changes in her body, and the changes certainly came. With Coach Morgan, Suzanne says there was no guess work. Morgan made sure that Suzanne knew how to eat and how to exercise, and each week Suzanne experienced greater success. “I was doing moves and lifting weights a person with [rheumatoid arthritis] would not even believe possible,” she says.

Given her success, Suzanne decided to set her sights even higher. She signed up for an Olympic Triathlon—longer than her previous races. Her goal was to place in the top 3 for her age. When the day of the race arrived, the winds were strong. The lake was full of waves and she felt the cross winds pushing her around as she biked. Still, she kept going until she got to the 10k run. “I ran that part of the race faster than I have ever run before,” Suzanne recalls. In the end, she met her goal and took 3rd place.

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When Suzanne looks at pictures of herself now, she sees herself as strong and lean—a real athlete. She just turned 53 in June, and she reports that she is in the best physical shape of her life. Suzanne refuses to let rheumatoid arthritis keep her from accomplishing her goals, and with the success she’s had and the skills she’s gained with Transformation, she can keep meeting every goal she sets.

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Suzanne won $1,000 in the Female Fitness Category! Congratulations!

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss on the Transformation program is 1-2 lbs per week.

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