Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Dr. Dara Archie

Dara Archie is no stranger to hard work. Her hard work, for example, got her through medical school and into a successful career as a doctor. So when she knew she needed lose weight, she was ready. Dara was more than willing to put in the work; she just needed some help in meeting her goals, which is what she found in Unicity Transformation.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Runner-Up Dr. Dara Archie

Dara grew up active; she loved playing lawn tennis, dancing ballet, and swimming. When she got older and times got difficult, however, her personal health stopped being a priority. She was working hard to finish medical school, and then her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Dara knew she should be healthier—and her mother expressed concern about Dara’s weight—but life just kept getting in the way. Then Dara’s mother passed away. Dara decide that she would take charge of her health, “as a tribute to my mom.” Plus, she knew that she couldn’t tell her patients how to live healthy lives if she wasn’t willing to do it herself.

Initially she tried to get fit on her own, and she lost only 6 pounds. But once Dara learned about Transformation, “weight loss was no longer a constant uphill battle.” With the help of her coach, Dara was able to realize she was in control of her health. She could live her best life. It was all possible.

Dara’s hard work has paid off once again. But her results, great as they are for Dara, haven’t just made her own life better. Just as she hoped, “my coworkers and patients see the changes in me and are inspired to do the same.” Dara’s own change is changing others, and now she can help her patients more fully. But Dara notes that, most importantly, she’s given successful tribute to her mother who used to be so concerned about her daughter’s health. “Wherever my mother is,” Dara says, “I know she would be proud.”


Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Runner-Up Dr. Dara Archie

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Runner-Up Dr. Dara Archie

Dr. Dara won $2,500 as the Female Runner-Up in the Prime Challenge! Congratulations!

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss on the Transformation program is 1-2 lbs per week.

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