Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Diane Forrester

Diane Forrester just wanted to play with her grandson. At 56 years old, she was tired and in pain. She had lost her motivation to work out and eat carefully, and she stopped caring about her appearance and began hiding her body in baggy clothes instead. Maybe she could have lived with it, had it had just been about Diane, but her grandson changed things. “It killed me,” she says, “to have to sit on the couch and have my daughter place my grandson on my lap so I could hold him.” Diane was tired of feeling thirty years older than she actually was. “I decided to take control of my life and my health,” she says. Enter Unicity Transformation.

Unicity Prime Challenge 90 Day Plus Diane Forrester

Diane had been health-conscious for most of her life—she used to watch what she ate and she always had gym memberships—so she assumed she knew a lot about health and nutrition. Sure, she’d never really had the results she wanted, but Diane didn’t realize how she’d been inadvertently sabotaging herself by skipping meals and neglecting protein until Coach Morgan educated her. Diane learned all about nutrition and exercise, empowering her to make better decisions for herself.


Not only was Diane empowered, but she felt the support and encouragement she needed to keep going. Coach Morgan was there for Diane every step of the way. “She was excited for me,” Diane recalls, and that enthusiasm helped ease Diane into an exercise program. Before long, Diane and Morgan were adjusting the exercise routine to make it more challenging. Diane was getting the results she’d always looked for.

These days, Diane reports increased energy. She’s back to wearing fitted clothes, and she feels a confidence that had been missing. In sum? “I’m stronger, leaner, and I’m happier.” Diane is confident she can keep up her new lifestyle for the rest of her life.

And as for her grandson? Week 11 changed everything. Diane was visiting her daughter’s house, where her 9 month-old grandson was crawling on the floor. “I bent down, picked him up, and lifted him up over my head onto my shoulders. I couldn’t believe it. Jennifer couldn’t believe it.” Diane has reclaimed her health—for herself, and for her family too.

Diane won $1,000 in the Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge contest, 90 Day+ Category! Congratulations Diane! Click here to see the other winners from 2016, Q2. 

*These results are not typical. Average weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week on the Unicity Transformation.

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