Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Brandon Parisien

Brandon Parisien’s wake-up call came when he woke up in the hospital because of his drinking. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise—he would drink a twelve-pack of beer each night on weekends, and he’d already ended up in the drunk tank twice. Brandon’s days bled into another. He would work to make rent and buy beer, and then he would wait for the weekend to drink himself into oblivion. Even so, waking up in the hospital was a nasty shock for Brandon. “I was horrified,” he recalls. “I knew that something had to be done.”

Brandon tried to stop drinking after getting home from the hospital, but he didn’t have much success—even with the fear of the hospital in him. That’s how he found himself at another bar, hoping for a fun night out. The night took a turn, however, when he ran into his old friend Ryan Oulette. In catching up, Ryan told Brandon about a program he’d recently completed and invited him to learn more. Brandon agreed. He watched videos, listened to the science, and realized that he needed Transformation.

Brandon Parisien Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge

It wasn’t all smooth sailing from there. Brandon’s family told him it was a waste of money, and changing his lifestyle proved difficult. Still, Brandon knew he wasn’t alone. “I had a great coach,” he says, “and a great success team backing me up.” He stayed committed to the program and changed his ways. He began to eat healthy for the first time in his life, and he took up boxing—a sport he’d loved as a youth but hadn’t participated in since high school.

With his lifestyle change came real change in Brandon. Some of it was physical, of course; he’s rid himself of the beer belly he was hoping to lose. He’s experienced even more than that, though. “I’m now actually gaining muscle weight,” he reports, “which I have never done.” Some of it has been mental. “Tracking my food and meal prep helped me with my organizational skills.” Now these changes are extending beyond just Brandon. “I made an impact on my family,” he says. After seeing his commitment to change, Brandon’s little sister began trying to eat healthier and exercise, and his initially-reticent mother even began doing crunches.

But you’re probably wondering about the drinking. You’ll be happy to know that Brandon’s drunk tank days are behind him. “I don’t feel the need to drink,” he says. “I actually enjoy my sobriety, and I never thought that was something I’d ever say.” Brandon has taken control of his life, and the future is looking bright. Looking at himself now—sober, fit, and happy—Brandon says, “I can’t believe how much my life has changed.”

Brandon Parisien Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge

Brandon Parisien Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge

Brandon Parisien Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge

Brandon won $1,000 in the Male Fitness Category! Congratulations!

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss on the Transformation program is 1-2 lbs per week.

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