Prime Challenge Male Runner Up: Ismael Anaya

Ismael Anaya has suffered from migraines and depression for a long time — at least since he was 10 years old. They affected him a great deal. Speaking of his migraines, Ismael recalls that “I had one to two a week that were almost debilitating.” Even so, Ismael kept active. He played high school football and did track and field. After graduating, he began doing Olympic Weightlifting, setting Utah records for the clean and jerk and snatch lifts.

Since then, he’s continued to stay active. Ismael explains, “I have been lifting, running, eating correctly, and competing in Spartan races for several years.” Most people would be content with these achievements, but Ismael wanted more. As he says, “regardless of my clean eating and running and workout schedule, my body and weight were not changing.” This stagnation, combined with his struggles with depression, began to trouble Ismael.

That’s when he talked to Todd Pettus, a 2013 winner of Unicity’s Prime Challenge. Todd was a friend of Ismael’s, and Ismael noticed how Todd was “much older than me” but “in much better shape.” Todd told Ismael about Unicity, and though Ismael was initially skeptical, he decided to try the Prime Challenge.

Ismael’s results speak for themselves. From the weight loss to the disappearing inches, Ismael’s body clearly changed in the ways he’d once hoped it would. In fact, he says that “I look and feel better than I did after high school as a powerlifter.” However, his results extend beyond these physical changes. As Ismael says, “all feelings of depression left and replaced with an overall positive attitude.” Perhaps most remarkably, Ismael says the migraines are gone. He says their disappearance “is the best change” he’s experienced with the Prime Challenge.

With an experience like that, it’s easy to see why Ismael encourages others to take the Prime Challenge. He urges people to try it, saying that “even if you are skeptical” you should do it. “The results will change your life,” he says. “The products work — period!” They certainly did for him.

Ismael won $1,000 as our Male Fitness winner in the Prime Challenge. To learn more about the Unicity Transformation program and the Prime Challenge, click HERE.
Unicity Prime Challenge Winner Ismael Anaya

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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