Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Ryan Ouellette

Being told he had high cholesterol was shocking news for Ryan Ouellette who, for most of his life, had been active and healthy.

As a young boy Ryan developed a strong foundation of healthy nutritional habits that he continued throughout his teenage years. As a competitive individual, Ryan participated in hockey schools and high caliber sports training.

Upon graduating high school, Ryan began what would be successful career of amateur boxing. Only two years after his career took off, he was forced to retire due to substantial concussions.
It was shortly after these injuries that Ryan says his lifestyle choices began to go downhill. In order to try and stay in shape, Ryan enrolled in a boxing training camp but once again he sustained a severe concussion in a sparring session with a professional boxer. This final concussion resulted in his inability to exercise without getting a headache. In order to continue to be involved with the sport he loved he decided to become a volunteer coach to teach kids and adults about boxing techniques and how to help themselves avoid brain injuries. Despite his involvement in the boxing community Ryan still felt the pain of being out of shape.

After the 18-months, Ryan finally started exercising again but found it difficult to find the motivation and consistency required to get back in shape let alone maintain a healthy diet.

“I had no idea how I would get motivated enough to do the training and proper eating required,” Ryan said. “I had a vision of what I wanted to look like, but it seemed unrealistic.”

Upon seeing his doctor and being told he had high cholesterol Ryan found Unicity’s Transformation Program. He credits his coach for motivating him as well as giving him an exercise plan tailored to fit his needs and goals. After losing more then 32 pounds, Ryan finally feels like he has his life back.


“I have a new found love for taking care of my body,” Ryan said. “I care more about what foods I place inside my stomach. My digestive issues are gone; I have no more bloating and most importantly, there aren’t any more sharp pains in the center my chest… I want to exercise more than I have ever wanted. I feel more comfortable in my skin, and have more self-confidence. I feel more organized in my daily tasks.”

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Ryan Ouellette

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