Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Kiki Vazquez

Kiki Vasquez was very young when she began struggling with her image of herself. At 14 years old, Kiki was plagued by the fear of gaining weight, though she was very thin. She’d seen how many members of her family — including her mother — suffered from obesity, and she’d seen how her father despised her mother for her weight problems. This pressure to be thin was bad enough, but Kiki’s relationship with her weight was further complicated by the pressure to eat. Kiki says that food was at the center of her Latin American family’s parties. It didn’t help that her family didn’t know about good nutrition, and she was considered a good girl if she finished everything on her plate. These conflicting messages worked together to give Kiki incredible anxiety about weight and food. From age 14 to age 46, eating meant guilt.

Even with her worries about her health, Kiki managed to accomplish impressive feats. She participated in long-distance events like triathlons, even completing an Ironman in 2011. But when she started the divorce process five years ago, things started to change. She stopped training. She stopped fighting her food cravings. She stopped going out with friends. Her self-esteem plummeted, and Kiki felt the loathing towards herself that her father had towards her mother all those years ago.

Kiki needed to change her life, and an invitation to the launch of Unicity Latino was just the opportunity she needed. Kiki was eager to learn about Unicity — the science, the vision, the passion of everyone involved — and quickly decided to complete Transformation.

It was just what she needed. Though she had to make changes, Kiki did not feel like she suffered through the process. Instead, she enjoyed the journey. Kiki raves about the Unicity products she uses, and encourages other to make them a daily habit. Learning more about nutrition helped Kiki change her relationship with food, ended her decades-long anxiety. Coach Garrett helped Kiki set new goals and commit to a new life, supporting her every step of the way.

Now, Kiki describes herself as a changed woman. She is cheerful, energetic, and full of life. She feels physically healthy and emotionally healthy too. Kiki no longer avoids her friends, but instead has become an inspiration to other people. She’s working towards training for long-distance events again. Kiki says that her dreams have come true.

Kiki wants others to feel the freedom and purpose she’s found. She asks anyone considering the Prime Challenge to give themselves a chance and don’t give in to fear. The investment of time and effort will pay off, she says. After all, for her, the experience has been nothing short of a miracle — one that will last the rest of her life.

Kiki won $5,000 as our Grand Prize Winner in the Prime Challenge. To learn more about the Unicity Transformation program and the Prime Challenge, click HERE.

Kiki Vazquez Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Grand Prize Winner

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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