Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Dave Stearns

Dave Stearns didn’t know that his life would be changed by a “tall guy drinking this funny green stuff.” As the president of Dale Carnegie Maine, Dave was attending a Dale Carnegie certification when he met Clive Winn, Sr. Vice President of Unicity (who is, admittedly, tall and can often be found drinking Matcha). The two of them hit it off, and Clive invited Dave to visit Unicity’s headquarters in Utah to help direct Dale Carnegie Sales training for employees and distributors.

Dave recalls that he had a great experience, and he was given a gift basket of Unicity products when he left to return to Maine. “I was privy to all the facts and benefits and the evidence around how great these products are,” he says, “so I didn’t have any hesitation jumping in as a user.”

As Dave began to take the products, he did more research on Unicity. He browsed the Unicity website and was intrigued by “the miraculous results” of people who’d completed Transformation. When Clive asked Dave if he wanted to try Transformation, Dave was ready to commit. In fact, he’d been planning on reaching out to Clive about trying the program. Though he wasn’t concerned with achieving the dramatic weight loss he’d seen in some past Prime Challenge winners, he was interested in losing ten pounds. More importantly, however, there was another problem Dave wanted to address: “I have always been frustrated to be on medication for my diabetes and my cholesterol and my blood pressure,” he says. Dave was taking four medications, and he was tired of it. If Transformation could help change that, he was game.

Between committing to Transformation and officially beginning, Dave visited his doctor for a physical. Already, the products he was trying were giving him surprising results—enough that his doctor asked what Dave was doing. Encouraged, Dave decided to make a deal with his doctor. “It probably won’t work,” he recalls saying, “but I’d really like to make some effort to get off my medication.” His doctor agreed to try it and, based upon the changes in his numbers, immediately reduced one of his medications.

Halfway through Transformation, Dave visited his doctor again. His numbers were low—low enough that the doctor took him off three of his other medications and cut the final one in half. He was no longer considered diabetic, his blood pressure was low, and his weight was down 20 lbs.

This might be the time to note that Dave isn’t your average Transformation participant—he’s 68 years old. His doctor was astonished at the results, observing that most patients of Dave’s age are headed in a rather different direction. But as Dave told his physician, “I’m pretty committed to this.” That commitment has allowed him to confidently say that he is “feeling great, feeling energetic, and I’m 68 years old.”

As amazing as his Transformation was, the process wasn’t always easy. For Dave, the hardest part was the exercise. In fact, it’s still difficult sometimes. Even so, Dave refuses to slack off. “I still do it religiously,” he says. Coach Ryan, who worked with Dave, says Dave’s background with Dale Carnegie was a great benefit to his Transformation. “Being a Dale Carnegie trainer, as well as President of Dale Carnegie Maine, makes him an ideal example of what Dale Carnegie is all about—incredibly disciplined, teachable, and open to coaching on Transformation.”

With that discipline and eagerness to learn, it’s no wonder that Dave was delighted by his results at the end of the twelve-week Transformation. His BMI, weight, blood, and cholesterol numbers were “way down.” His LDL numbers were normal for the first time that he can remember.


Reflecting on his experience, Dave says that “the key is the coaching.” As he explains it, it’s easy to read things, watch videos, and know you need to make nutrition and exercise a priority, but it’s much different to actually apply all that. That’s why the weekly calls with his coach made all the difference. “There’s just something magical in the weekly calls,” Dave says. They provided him with accountability and suggestions that he needed. He talks fondly of his experience learning with Coach Ryan, calling it “a total education.”

For Dave, one of the best parts has been the very tangible changes he’s making. At the age of 68, he’s back at what he calls his “college weight,” and it shows. “I had all my belts shortened,” he says, and he’s having his pants, coats, and suits taken in. People see Dave and comment on how good he looks. And it’s not just looks—even his rest is better. It’s clear to Dave there’s a difference in how good he sleeps and how quickly he wakes up.

It’s been quite the experience for Dave, and he’s bursting with enthusiasm as he talks about his Transformation. Be it the medications or the tailoring, his life has improved. “I feel good,” Dave says. “I feel really, really good.”

Dave won $5,000 as the GRAND PRIZE WINNER in the Q3, 2016 Unicity Prime Challenge.

Click here to learn more about the Unicity Transformation.
Click here to learn more about the Unicity Prime Challenge.

*These results are not typical. Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation Program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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