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Most people take vitamins and supplements to do just what the name says; supplement.  So, it’s important that the supplements we are taking are of the highest quality to ensure that our bodies are getting the most out of what we are feeding it.  By now, you might know that we have launched our new Omega Life-3 Resolv product.  And we know that many of you are already using our Omega Life-3 product and are wondering what all the hype is about the new version. Here are a few reasons why Omega Life-3 Resolv has been one the our most popular products launched this year.

Unicity Omega-Life 3 Resolv


The reality is, we all have inflammation in our bodies! This is a normal function of our body as a defense mechanism which is where the right omega-3 oil is helpful.  It keeps inflammation at a healthy level.  Our bodies absorb fatty acids called EPA and DHA from omega-3 oil, which is then turned into resolvins.


Resolvins are active compounds that are in charge of keeping inflammation in the body at bay.  If you haven’t watched Dr. Gubler’s presentation from the launch in Hong Kong, we strongly encourage you to watch it here.  He uses a great analogy to help explain how Omega Life-3 Resolv helps support healthy inflammation levels in the body.


Think of inflammation like a fire.  A fire, when it’s contained in a fire pit, is helpful. It gives heat, it helps cook our food, it’s useful.  Just like fire, low lying inflammation in the body is good.  We need inflammation to keep the muscles strong and rebuilding to keep the heart strong and pumping.  When you take omega-3 and zoom in, the active molecules are EPA and DHA.  Recent research has shown that it’s not EPA and DHA that are the active compounds that support healthy inflammation.  The active compounds are a class of compounds called, resolvins.  This product increases resolvin production tenfold- from 5% to 50%.

Unicity Omega-Life 3 Resolv


Omega Life-3 Resolv is the only patented formula in the world that increases resolvent production and has a specific formula that increases omega-3 oil in the body.  It has added arginine, wintergreen oil, and vitamin E acetate that do organic chemistry reactions in the body to help increase the production of resolvents.  Omega Life-3 Resolv is also known to help with heart health, sport performance, joint health, cognitive health, promotes mood, and helps with childhood development.  So, what are waiting for?  Take your health into your own hands and try Omega Life-3 Resolv today!

Unicity Omega-Life 3 Resolv

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