New Presidential Ruby: Jerry Lopez

We are proud to recognize Jerry Lopez as a fully qualified Presidential Ruby!

There aren’t many people who enjoy cutting grass. It’s the kind of chore that can be exhausting. Jerry Lopez, however, loves cutting his grass. Maybe it’s not even the act of cutting the grass, so much as what comes next. “When I see my grass cut,” Jerry says, “every time I get a sense of satisfaction.” Seeing a uniform, well-maintained lawn is worth the effort. That’s because Jerry is, in his own words, “a result-driven person.” That drive has enabled Jerry to find great success in his own business.

Jerry says that his results are not the results of a single great victory, but rather from meeting many smaller goals and having many small accomplishments. “There is no success without small victories,” he says. Jerry has worked consistently, and his continual effort has led to extraordinary results.

Though he has accomplished a great deal through hard work, Jerry also attributes much of his success to leadership. He calls being mentored by upline Todd Smith “priceless.” Jerry also says that learning about Unicity CEO Stewart Hughes’s past role as a distributor helped him decide to join Unicity in the first place. Leaders like Stewart and Todd have helped change Jerry’s life.


Jerry also has found great benefit from the products themselves. They are “amazing products,” he says, “that truly work.” Jerry admires the science behind Unicity. The state of the art innovation produces outstanding results in his health and his business.

Fortunately, the same leadership and the same products are available to everyone, which is why Jerry believes his success can be replicated by others. The key, he says, “is to lead their goal with their why.” Simply wanting to be successful might not be enough. If you want to truly grow and succeed, “there is nothing stronger than driving your business with a purpose.”

Jerry’s purpose begins and ends with his family. His reason for wanting success is “to give my family the best that they deserve.” Jerry knows that this purpose is important, and keeping it a priority can only help him as he endeavors to grow and improve his business. It’s gotten him this far, after all.

Now that Jerry has found the path to success, he’s looking forward to sharing it with others. His goal with his team? “Make sure that everyone is helping the newest person win.” With Jerry’s drive to achieve results, we are certain he will do exactly that. We look forward to seeing how Jerry continues to progress and bring others with him.




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