New Presidential Director: Wilda Plaza

We are pleased to announce Wilda Plaza as our newest Presidential Director! Wilda has worked hard to achieve this rank advancement, and we’re happy to recognize her accomplishments.

Wilda learned about Unicity through the products. She’d been hearing buzz about a revolutionary company that could help fight obesity and its side effects. Wilda knew all too well just how problematic such conditions could be. “I was overweight and I felt tired,” she recalls. In 2013, she was diagnosed with high cholesterol levels and pre-diabetes, and she knew she had to do something. She decided to try the company’s products, which is how she was introduced to Unicity.

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that, in Wilda’s own words, “the products worked.” Wilda lowered her cholesterol, gained control of her glucose levels, and lost 32 pounds. After seeing the changes in herself, she helped her daughter follow suit and lose 50 pounds.

With results like that, it’s understandable surprise that Wilda wanted to share Unicity. “As it was a blessing for my family,” she says, “it would also become a blessing for the families I would share it with.” She decided to start a Unicity business to help others and get some extra income for herself.

For Wilda, what started as extra money is now her primary income. Because of Unicity, she’s found “physical and financial health” and knows “what it means to look good and feel good.” In addition to supporting her large family, Unicity has allowed her to travel the world—from Thailand to Costa Rica and places in between. Moreover, the health Unicity helped her find has allowed her to “accomplish feats that only existed in my thoughts.” The same woman who once described herself as being overweight and tired recently competed in a 100-mile bicycle race. She’s changed her life in many ways.

Wilda isn’t thinking only of herself, though. As she looks towards her future as a Presidential Sapphire, she looks towards others as well. Wilda wants to improve the lives of the people who improved her own life, “supporting my leaders so they will grow and reach their next rank.” She wants to bring that same success to others as well, “to have more people participating in our events every day, and to keep bringing out message of prime health and independence to as many people as possible.”

For those looking to replicate her health and independence, Wilda urges, “use the products and do it correctly.” They changed her life, and they can do the same for other people. “Know the products, learn about the compensation plan, and connect yourself to the system and share your experience with everyone.” That knowledge and sharing has been the foundation of her business, and Wilda believes it can be the same for people everywhere.

It’s been quite the journey for Wilda. Looking back at her life since 2013, Wilda says, “my life has turned around in all aspects since I became a Unicity distributor.”

We are delighted by the success Wilda has found in her health and her business, and we look forward to seeing how she continues to advance. Congratulations, Wilda!

Wilda Plaza Unicity




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