New Presidential Director: Tony Yu

Unicity is pleased to announce Tony Yu as our newest Presidential Director!

Tony Yu describes himself as a mixed martial artist. He loves to train martial arts too, and says he likes to “produce many champions.” That same drive that produces champions is evident in his Unicity business, as he has recently attained the rank of Presidential Director.
Unicity New Presidential Director Tony Yu

Tony’s introduction to Unicity came through his line of work. As a fitness professional, Tony realized the wellness industry was a huge market. He saw Unicity as a chance to become part of that. With hard work and “great support” from his Unicity management team and his “unique” Korean Unicity family, Tony has not just participated in that market, but had great success.

Much of that success has been in his own life. Since joining Unicity, Tony has experienced personal change — both physical and mental. Physically, Unicity has helped Tony transform his eating habits, leading him to a “healthier mind and body.” Tony has also grown mentally. His goals and hard work have made him a “better leader with confidence.” He has also appreciated the influence of others in Unicity, calling them “great and powerful leaders” who have had a “positive influence on my thinking.”

Unicity New Presidential Director Tony Yu

Looking forward, Tony wants to continue to challenge himself and take his team to the next level. In talking about success, Tony knows he needs to work hard and “know what I want and set goals.” With the right follow through, he is sure he will find success, and we are too.

Congratulations, Tony!

Unicity New Presidential Director Tony Yu

Unicity New Presidential Director Tony Yu

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