New Presidential Director: Philip Chun Hwang

We would like to congratulate our newest Presidential Director, Mr. Philip Chun Hwang!

Before joining Unicity Philip was living in Oregon and making arrangements to start his own small business. Despite making progress in his professional life, Philip was struggling with his health. His brother and sister-in-law were determined to help Philip get back in shape, so they introduced him to Unicity. After three months Philip lost 35 pounds. That one experience served as a catalyst for Philip’s dedication to the entire Unicity organization.

“Unicity has completely changed my life,” says Philip. “I truly believe in what it can do and have decided to make it my mission to help as many other people as I can.” Philp’s daily activities now include networking, training, and recommending products.

Philip Hwang


By dedicating himself to his mission Philip has built an incredible team. “I like to remind everyone that WE are a TEAM!!! That we are all here to help one another.” He believes the only sure way to success is relying on each other. “My success comes from being a great team member.”

Philip believes that as you strengthen others, you strengthen your own road to success. “My family is my business and everyone in Unicity is my family,” says Philip. “It’s really wonderful to hear someone’s cholesterol went down, to see someone, lose weight, to give people who are struggling a financial opportunity that could possibly change their life.”

Philip Hwang

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