New Presidential Director: Freddy Melero

We’re happy to congratulate our new Presidential Director, Freddy Melero!

Freddy Melero knew there was something better out there waiting for him. Having spent 18 years in network marketing, it’s safe to say that Freddy knew the ins and outs of the industry. Still, he wasn’t content with where he was. Says Freddy, “I was looking to align with a legacy company that had solid products, leadership, and a focus on expanding into South America.” Fortunately, Freddy discovered a company that met all those qualifications. “I found it in Unicity,” he says.

Unicity has become more than just a business for Freddy, however. Since starting his business, Freddy’s attitude has changed. “I am dreaming again,” he says, “and more importantly, helping a lot of people take ownership of their health and finances.” Beyond that, Freddy appreciates the relationships he’s built with other people united in Unicity’s goal to Make Life Better. And of course, there’s the products. Freddy notes that because of Unicity’s unique products, he is “looking, feeling, and performing better.” He would know; Freddy likes to live an active lifestyle and work out daily.

That’s why he suggests that products are the key to success. When asked what advice he gives members entering the business, Freddy emphasizes product experiences. A Matcha party, he says, is a great way to work towards advancing.

Beyond that, Freddy says that the key to success is “urgent and focused consistent massive action.” That’s the sort of attitude that’s going to help him achieve his next goal, which he says is “going for Diamond.” He also hopes to help the people on his team achieve success.

Given Freddy’s success and his goals, it’s no surprise that he’s using Unicity to give his three children a great life. We’re sure that he will continue to grow his business and serve as a role model for his children and people in his organization.


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