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Neigene | The Science of Your Beauty

There are a lot of beauty products in this world, or at least products that claim to make you beautiful. There are creams and powders and serums galore. While these products have many fans, all too often the products do nothing but mask the skin.

Here at Unicity, we know that beautiful skin is healthy skin, and healthy skin needs healthy cells. That’s why our scientists developed the Neigene system. This unique product system uses genomeceutical technology to support your DNA proteins, helping care for your skin at its most basic level. Neigene’s microscopic delivery vehicles reach deeper and last longer.

Neigene uses incredible ingredients that give you luxury and results. Snow algae, Retinol, Japonicus, and Marigold work together with other remarkable ingredients to make Neigene’s science-based products that promote healthy, beautiful skin.

Unicity Neigene | The Science of Your Beauty

Neigene’s products are part of a five-step system to maximize your results. From gently cleansing your skin in the morning to helping your skin recover at night, Neigene’s multi-step process cares for your skin throughout the day.

Of course, our scientists know that individuals have different skincare needs. That’s why Neigene comes in two uniquely formulated systems. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, there’s a Neigene system for you. Your skin can get just the care it needs.

Are you ready to support your skin with science?

For more information, check out Neigene on our website.

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