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Miami Event Recap- Morning Leadership Training

This past weekend Unicity had the pleasure of hosting our top distributors from all over the Americas for the Miami Office Ribbon-Cutting and Inauguration Event. This event took place at the new Unicity Miami office in Doral, Florida and at the Miami Hilton.


The morning started with Vice-Pesident of the Americas, David Garcia, sharing his vision for the Latino Markets. David revealed some of the upcoming strategies to help the Latino markets grow like never before, before ending with an invitation to work hard and be active every day. As David told us, daily activity determines if we reach our goals or not.

Next, we heard from our newest Double Diamond, Todd Smith, who gave us a detailed training about the 10 keys to developing leaders. Please click here to view Todd’s entire presentation, and then follow Todd’s advice by asking yourself, “how can I get better?”.


Todd was followed by our CEO, Stewart Hughes. Stewart talked about the importance of being able to see your goals, have them ingrained in your mind, and then being able to be the person you envision and complete your goals.


Stewart talked about the book, Ego Is the Enemy. “Every time I’ve operated with what my ego wanted me to do, I’ve made a mistake,” said Stewart as he taught the crowd how to be successful in the long term by not listening to your ego. “If you don’t control this [ego], your passion will destroy you.” To view the entire training by Stewart Hughes, please click here.

Thank you to all our distributors for a successful morning Leadership Training session! Click here to view a recap of the Miami Office Ribbon-Cutting Event.