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Miami Event Recap- Miami Office Ribbon-Cutting & Celebrate U

After the morning session, our leaders headed over to the new Unicity Latino Headquarters in Doral, Florida, where they were able to tour the facilities and get to know some of the new staff for that office. David Garcia kicked off the event and recognized the Chairmanís Club members in attendance: Rick Jordan, Jan Bloom, and the newest member, Todd Smith. He also recognized the Presidential Club Members, as well as the Mayor of the City of Doral, Luigi Boria. Mayor Boria took the time to thank Stewart for bringing such a wonderful business to the city and gave him a special gift.


Next, Stewart took the time to thank Mayor Boria, stating that he is a man who understands business, and then gave the mayor a basket full of our core products as a thank you for attending the event. Stewart then talked about the story that led him to want to invest in the Latino Market, which in turn led to the opening of the Miami office. The ribbon cutting was presided by Stewart Hughes, Mayor Luigi Boria, Robert Cluff, David Garcia, and the members of the Chairmanís Club as well as the Presidential Club.

Please click here to watch the event in its entirety and view event photos here.


Later that night, our distributors gathered in their sharpest attire to celebrate the achievements of the past three months. The night kicked off with a mix-and-mingle accompanied by lively music and hors díoeuvres. During this time, our distributors had an opportunity to take photos at our recognition booth. Please click here to view those pictures.


David Garcia and Robert Cluff then hosted the Gala Recognition event, where they recognized those who advanced in rank during the months of June, July, and August. Distributors were encouraged to get up from their seats and celebrate the achievements of their team members. It was a very energetic night for everyone involved.


The highlight of the night came in the form of two historic rank advancements. The first was Jerry and Gigi Lopez, who were recognized as fully-qualified Presidential Sapphires. It is important to note that Jerry is on his third month, about to qualify as a Presidential Diamond. Congratulations Jerry and Gigi!


The night ended with our newest members of the Chairmanís Club, Double Diamonds Todd and Joy Smith! To Toddís surprise, his family, including his father, were flown in by Unicity to share in this incredible achievement with him. It was a touching moment to hear about Toddís entrepreneurial spirit from an early age and to see the looks of pride from his children.


To view pictures from this event, please visit our Unicity Latino Facebook page.