How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

Most of us are not in the habit of planning ahead for what our next meal is going to be, especially when traveling. We usually rely on fast food or vending machines as way to curb hunger and cravings. If your goal is to lose/maintain your weight and live a healthier lifestyle, you need to get in the habit of planning. Consistency is key! I can’t stress this enough. Yes, prepping meals is one more thing to add to your busy schedule, but it is the only way to success.

Whether it is for a business trip or a vacation, a little discipline will go a long way. Between fast food stops, huge restaurant meals, and a general “I can eat whatever” attitude, the consequences of traveling without a plan for your nutrition are usually unplanned weight gain and the reverse of hard work.
I have traveled a lot this past year; I’ve been camping, embarked on road trips across the country, gone on family vacations, and business trips. All of this traveling has helped me figure out some great ways to prepare. I hope these tips will help you be successful when traveling.

Tips for eating healthy when travelling

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1. Take your products with you.
I like to separate my Complete into baggies so that I can have quick and easy access to a meal if there is nothing else available. I like to put my Lifiber into a smaller baggie with the scoop so it is more compact. I also always sure to carry Balance and Matcha with me. I will also carry a shaker bottle or small water bottle so I can easily mix my products on the go. You may also want make a point to carry a copy of the Nutrition guide so you can refer to it whenever you’re unsure.

2. Plan Ahead.
“Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail” this should be your mantra to live by!
Look at your schedule ahead of time. Choose a day and set aside time to you sit down and plan accordingly. If your scheduled trip is on a Wednesday, try to cook extra food in bulk that you can pack it for your trip. I suggest investing in a cooler like an Iso-bag or a six pack bag which is specifically made for people who travel and want to have their meals with them. These bags are excellent and will keep your food cold for 12 hours. I use an Iso-Bag and love it (I’ve taken it on a plane and everything!)

When I travel I usually keep my meals pretty simple. When traveling on the road or flying I like to eat salads because I can eat them cold. I typically fill a gallon sized baggie half full with salad greens and other vegetables I enjoy (I like to use a baggie because I can just throw it away once I am done with it). Next, I add my protein source which is usually chopped chicken or turkey breast. Pair your salad with something like fruit and vegetables on the side and you have yourself a filling healthy meal!

3. Have some go-to foods.
I suggest carrying Quest bars, beef or turkey jerky, nuts and seeds, some chopped veggies, and fruits with you. All these options are great foods that are easy to pack and easy to have when you have limited time or do not have access to the foods you know you can eat.

4. Know where you are going.
When you are in a new city or on the road, avoid stopping at the first fast-food place you see as soon as you are hungry. I recommend downloading an app like AroundME, Yelp, or Urban Spoon. These apps will let you locate healthier restaurants and look at their menus before you arrive. When you do eat at a restaurant don’t be afraid to make special requests. Most restaurants will accommodate to your needs and will be more than willing to cook food within the guidelines of the Transformation and the Nutrition Guide.

5. Be prepared for hotel stays.
Call ahead to the hotel you are staying at and find out if you will have access to a fridge and microwave. Also ask if they have breakfast and what items they offer. This will help you to know what to be prepared for. Often times you can request a refrigerator and microwave for your room. If you don’t have accesses to those items you can have the hotel store my food, and ice packs for you. Don’t be afraid to ask! People will accommodate you! Once I had a fridge but not a freezer so I had the hotel freeze my ice packs every night so I could use them the next day in my Iso-bag.

By using these tips, you will be more successful while traveling and continue to make progress while on the Transformation. Doing this will ensure that you are making a true lifestyle change.

This article was written by Coach Morgan.

Unicity Coach Morgan Smith

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