How to Deal with Stress

Stress is one thing everybody will experience at some point or another. Some may handle it fine, experiencing little to no consequences. For others, stress can overpower and run their lives. Though we probably can’t permanently rid our lives of stress, we can definitely control it.

How to Deal With Stress

When our body is under stress we suffer in many negative ways. Certain side-effects that are commonly experienced are:

  • headaches
  • high blood pressure
  • heart problems
  • diabetes
  • skin conditions
  • asthma
  • arthritis
  • depression
  • anxiety (webmd)

Convincing ourselves that we don’t have time to take care of ourselves because there are other things that should take priority only increases the risk and danger of stress. We may make poor food choices, stop exercising, cut back on our sleep etc. We trick ourselves into thinking we’re being productive but in reality, we are suffering. From the wise words of Coach Melinda, “You’re not being tough by not taking care of yourself.” How do we expect to keep up with life’s daily demands if we aren’t well enough to do so? If you’re starting to reach a breaking point, look at what you can do to either control your stress or at least work through it.

Many of us may be familiar with the Three R’s of Stress Relief. These are: Rest, Relaxation, and Relationships. As tempting as it is to cut back on your sleep, stick to a routine bed time that allows for 7-8 hours of sleep. Trust me, both your body and mind will thank you for it. You don’t have to set aside a ton of time to relax. You may not be able to escape to the spa every week, but sitting down with your eyes closed for 10 minutes just to regroup, reading, watching a favorite TV show, or taking a walk can all be ways to relax.

Whatever appeals to you, try working it into your week. Another way to reduce stress is to talk about it. We all have someone we enjoy talking to. Having someone listen to our stresses and grievances can help us work through the problems and can even help us realize they’re not as bad as they seem. Meet up with that best friend and let yourself unwind!

How to Deal With Stress

As we embrace all aspects of the Transformation program I am confident we will reduce our stress and perhaps even celebrate with a new found stress-free lifestyle!

*This blog post was written by Coach Shantel.

Coach Shantel Chase

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