Healthy Swaps for Soda Pop

Itís time to say peace out pop! Truthfully, even the smallest improvements go a long way. Eliminating just one sugary drink a day can decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 25%! (Diabetologia, 2015)

Healthy Swaps for Soda Pops


Soda consumption is linked to an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Rising rates of obesity are also correlated with soda consumption. In fact, published research suggests that drinking soda triggers our sweet tooth cravings by dulling our sensitivity to sweets (2011 University of Bangor and Bristol). Of course the last thing we want is to be in this detrimental cycle of craving sweets and sodas. It appears that even diet soda has this effect! Diet soda intake is directly related to abdominal obesity in adults over the age of 65 (Journal of American Geriatrics Society).

Letís talk SWAPS for that†SODA POP!

OPTION ONE: So maybe you crave those sugary sodas and arenít ready to give them up? One of the best ways to cut out soda and that unfortunate glucose and insulin spike that occurs immediately after consuming it, is to spruce up water with natural flavoring. Try adding slices of seasonal fruits and veggies- strawberries, watermelon, oranges, cucumber, or mint Ė to a glass of ice-cold water. A healthy, low cal, low carb soda alternate.

Healthy Swaps for Soda Pops
OPTION TWO: But what if youíre a little too attached to that bubbly carbonation? Indulge in a healthier version with lemon, lime and a tad amount of natural sweetener. Take a few slices of lemon or lime (or both!) and toss them into a glass of sparkling or seltzer water. Lastly, add a few drops of stevia sweetener (organic sweetener) for the natural, healthy way to curb the carbonation craving!

OPTION THREE: And if you thrive on the caffeine from your soda beverage? Perhaps the best solution of all is to combine ice-cold sparkling†water with Matcha. A super-food that gives you increased energy from natural sources of caffeine sure sounds a lot better than that brown, synthetic caffeine syrup found in soda. Not only does sparkling Matcha†alleviate that caffeine and carbonation crave, but it also fuels you with vitamins, minerals, and sustained energy throughout the day.

Healthy Swaps for Soda Pops

Whatever your method for kicking the can – of soda that is – itís worth it!

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