Dale Carnegie Classes Available

Did you know that Unicity offers two Dale Carnegie courses that you can take? Even better, did you know that each of these courses is a $1,995 value, but Unicity offers them to you at no cost if you qualify?

Dale Carnegie can help you, and it can help your business. Take Perlita Magat, for example. After attending a Dale Carnegie course with Unicity, she saw huge changes in herself. As she said, “I think I’m going to go home a changed person.” How?

“My experience with Dale Carnegie has definitely equipped me to be a persuasive communicator and it helped me to be effective leader. Now I’m energized and I would like to share this with my people in my team with a hope that everybody will be energized and build a better team.”

Imagine yourself with those benefits: energy, communication skills, effective leadership — how could they change your life? How could they transform your business? Maybe your organization will grow. Maybe you’ll raise your rank. Maybe you’ll get to Global Convention!

Ready to find out? Unicity offers two different Dale Carnegie courses:

The next class is coming up on February 20 – 22, so be sure to register right away! Remember, each course normally costs $1,995, but there is no cost for qualifying participants. Register today!

Dale Carnegie Classes Unicity

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