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Continued Success After the Unicity Transformation

You’ve just completed Session 12 with your Transformation coach—congratulations on all you’ve accomplished these past few months! Right now you’re feel better than you have in a long time, you have incredible energy levels, and significantly improved blood work. So what now?

Here are 15 tips for success after Transformation:

1. Don’t take a break!
You’ve worked so hard to create healthy habits for the past few months and now you’re feeling better than ever…so you deserve a break, right? (As in a go crazy- eat everything off the Avoid list that you can-type of break.) WRONG! Think back to what you want most, whether it’s enjoying your favorite outdoor activities, setting an example of health for your kids, reducing your risk for disease, or feeling confident in your own skin. What is it that you truly deserve—a “break,” or these life-changing goals you’ve set for yourself? (Speaking of breaks, remember that you get one each week! There is nothing you can’t have; whenever you want a certain something, plan for it to be part of your next 60 Minute Reset Meal!)

2. Continually set goals.
Whether you want to do a 10K, be able to do a certain number of pushups, or bike a certain number of miles a week, it is important to continually set new goals to motivate and push yourself to improve. Tell loved ones about your goals and inform them of your progress. Never be without a goal of some sort.

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3. Mix it up!
Perhaps you set a goal to try one new recipe a week, or to try one or two new workouts a month—a new class, a new hike, or a new DVD. Doing the same things over and over again can get old, so plan to try new things!

4. Stay accountable. Accountability is key!
Some suggestions for staying accountable to yourself include: tracking your food and exercise, checking weight and measurements weekly, keeping a personal Transformation journal, etc. You may choose an accountability partner to talk to each week—you can share your successes and achievements, report on your goals from the previous week, and tell them what goals you’ve chosen for the coming week.

5. Be realistic (in your expectations).
We would all prefer fast results, but those who see the fastest results are not always those who experience the most lasting changes. This is a sentence that bears repeating: those who see the fastest results are not always those who experience the most lasting changes. Got it? Remember: lasting change is about healthy, sustainable habits—not about losing the most weight in a short amount of time. I once spoke with a woman who had “only” lost six pounds in the three months since completing her 12 week Transformation. She felt like a failure because she hadn’t continued to lose at the rate she had during her 12 week program. Rather than thinking she was a failure, I was thrilled that she had kept progressing towards her goals! It’s all about direction and progress—and she was heading in the right direction! She was doing the best she could to live a healthy lifestyle; it wasn’t necessarily “perfect,” but it was her best given her circumstances. Remember that no one has set a deadline for your goals, but heading in the right direction equals success. (Remember that maintaining weight loss is success, too!

6. Keep your Success Team involved!
You may ask one or more Success Team members to be your accountability partner, as mentioned in tip 4. You may involve them in your efforts to plan and prepare healthy meals. If you’re struggling to exercise, you might ask a friend to join you. It’s easier to skip a workout if you’re the only participant, but if you’ve committed to exercise with someone at a certain time, you’re much more likely to show up and get ‘er done.

7. Email your coach!
Your coach will always be invested in your long-term success. If you need some encouragement or have a question or concern, send your coach an email—they will be happy to hear from you and help in any way they can. Remember that you can always do another Transformation or sign up for a continuation program if you feel like that’s best for you.

8. Check the Facebook group!
Scroll through the Unicity Transformation Facebook group to find inspiration and motivation!

9. Choose your priorities carefully!
Continually prioritize your health. If we try and do too much in life, we will accomplish a little in each area, but we likely won’t excel in any one area (due to being spread too thin). If we pick three top priorities (for example, family, health, and career), we can truly succeed in these areas. If your physical well-being is in place, the rest of your life will be positively impacted.

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10. Be realistic about your goals and what you can maintain long-term.
We are very influenced by the culture that surrounds us. I think that one difficult aspect of today’s society has to do with misperceptions due to Photoshop, airbrushing, contouring, etc. If you do much research about the professional images we see on a daily basis, you’ll realize that these images are fabricated. The perfect body you see on that magazine cover doesn’t necessarily exist; if you could see the original image versus the final, edited one, you would see that they are not the same. If that image doesn’t actually exist, why do we think we need to look like that? I’m not saying that we shouldn’t try and achieve certain goals, but I think we need to check ourselves when it comes to our appearance and what is realistic. In addition, what’s the point of achieving something that you can’t maintain?

11. Eat mindfully!
Mindless eating is when we eat without thinking. Mindfulness is living in the moment and awakening to experience. When we eat mindfully, we slow down. We savor and appreciate each and every bite. Focus on eating mindfully as much as possible.

12. Plan for success.
You have probably heard the phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”; those who plan have a much higher rate of success! Create some sort of meal plan on a regular basis. Create an exercise plan each week.

13. Follow a general routine.
Perhaps you plan your upcoming meals on the same day each week and go grocery shopping on the same day each week. Perhaps you prepare extra food on the weekends so you’re ready to go for the week. Routine will vary from person to person, but the important thing is to find one that works for you; a good routine promotes success!

14. Don’t necessarily expect perfection.
You are a human being, not a machine. The process of developing and tweaking a healthy lifestyle that works well for you is something that can take years, so don’t expect to perfect it in a matter of months. For excellent advice, see What To Do When You Mess Up by Transformation coach Morgan Smith: http://www.unicity.com/blog/what-to-do-when-you-mess-up/ If you haven’t read Morgan’s blog, you need to—her advice is absolutely critical to your success post-Transformation!

15. Keep your goals (what you want most) at the forefront of your mind.
In life, we are influenced by our decisions and also by impulses. If we want to achieve our goals, our actions need to be based on well-thought-out decisions much more than we act on our impulses. One way to do this is through daily journaling. You could have a journal that you dedicate solely to Transformation. The first page should include a detailed description of the person you want to be and the life you want to live. Each day, you should read through this first page. At one or more points during the day, I want you to answer the following questions in your journal: “Did I eat mindfully today? How are my actions today helping me to be the person I want to be?” This journal is a place where you can and should write everything and anything! This process will help you better remember what you truly desire, and committing to write things down will keep you accountable and help you make decisions based on your desires (rather than acting on any impulses).

16. Last, but certainly not least, continue taking the Unicity products!
Unicity Balance, Unicity Complete, Unicity LiFiber, and Unicity Matcha are part of the healthy daily routine that you lived during your Transformation. Taking the Unicity products is a trigger that facilitates the other healthy habits you developed.

This article was written by Coach Whitney.

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