Collagen Plus Spotlight

Unicity is pleased to introduce Neigene Collagen Plus, our new nutricosmetic for healthy skin.

You know how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin, and what better way to do that than to keep your skin healthy and beautiful? Neigene Collagen Plus provides a unique complement to the rest of our Neigne line, working from the inside out to promote your skin health and appearance.

Drinking Collagen Plus once daily will give you a source of collagen, botanicals, and other vitamins and minerals that have been selected to help support your skin from within. With its high-quality fish collagen, Collagen Plus is a simple way to help improve skin smoothness and plasticity. And because you drink Collagen Plus, you’ll never miss a spot or accidentally wash it off — meaning you can be sure that Collagen Plus will work to help your skin all over.

Get ready to love your skin. Collagen Plus is now available as part of the Neigene ‘Dry’ and ‘Oily’ skincare sets.

Neigene Collagen Plus Unicity

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