Unicity Prime Challenge 90 Day Plus Winner: Murray Mackenzie

Murray Mackenzie calls himself “a fighter,” and we think you’ll agree. Though he emphasizes how much he enjoys his life, Murray has struggled with his health for some time. He recalls spending years visiting various doctors and specialists, but it wasn’t enough. In fact, he says that “my health got so bad I was on […]

Unicity Prime Challenge Female Fitness Winner: Manutsawee Buapet

Manutsawee Buapet’s story isn’t the typical weight loss story we often think of — quite the opposite. As Manut puts it, “I have been skinny almost all my life. I thought it was impossible to gain weight.” Though we sometimes mistakenly associate thinness with health, Manut makes it clear that her condition wasn’t desirable. “As […]

Prime Challenge Male Runner Up: Ismael Anaya

Ismael Anaya has suffered from migraines and depression for a long time — at least since he was 10 years old. They affected him a great deal. Speaking of his migraines, Ismael recalls that “I had one to two a week that were almost debilitating.” Even so, Ismael kept active. He played high school football […]

Prime Challenge Female Runner Up: Jennifer Armendariz

Jennifer Armendariz faced a familiar dilemma: she knew she needed to improve her fitness, but she just wasn’t doing it on her own. And given that Jennifer keeps very busy — she’s a mother of two young children and works as a nurse practitioner — it’s unsurprising that other things took precedence. Still, she wanted […]

Prime Challenge Male Runner Up: Bob Skinner

Bob Skinner can pinpoint the day his life changed: June 25, 2016. Up until that point, Bob “loved how I lived my life” and “didn’t think I need to change anything about it.” Sure, he didn’t live the healthiest life — at 59 years old, Bob “had accumulated a lot of bad habits along the […]

Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Kiki Vazquez

Kiki Vasquez was very young when she began struggling with her image of herself. At 14 years old, Kiki was plagued by the fear of gaining weight, though she was very thin. She’d seen how many members of her family — including her mother — suffered from obesity, and she’d seen how her father despised her mother […]

Prime Challenge Winners | Q4 2016

We’re so excited to announce the winners of the Unicity Prime Challenge for Q4, 2016! We had an amazing group of participants who all worked so hard, congratulations on your hard work and success. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Kiki Vazquez Kiki Vasquez struggled with her image of herself from age 14 to age 46. But when […]