Leyda Cruz – 100 pounds later!

Our health is really the forefront of our lives. When we maintain good health, we can often feel unstoppable. But most of us have experienced the effects of having to struggle with our health and when that happens, it can affect how we live our everyday lives. This is my story. My name is Leyda […]

Unicity Prime Challenge 90 Day Plus Winner: Murray Mackenzie

Murray Mackenzie calls himself “a fighter,” and we think you’ll agree. Though he emphasizes how much he enjoys his life, Murray has struggled with his health for some time. He recalls spending years visiting various doctors and specialists, but it wasn’t enough. In fact, he says that “my health got so bad I was on […]

Unicity Prime Challenge Female Fitness Winner: Manutsawee Buapet

Manutsawee Buapet’s story isn’t the typical weight loss story we often think of — quite the opposite. As Manut puts it, “I have been skinny almost all my life. I thought it was impossible to gain weight.” Though we sometimes mistakenly associate thinness with health, Manut makes it clear that her condition wasn’t desirable. “As […]

5 Ways to Get Through Your Day

We’ve all had the days where we’re counting down until bedtime. Stress, fatigue, and other circumstances get to us, and it’s easy to lose your motivation. Fortunately, there are ways to make things a little easier. Here’s a few suggestions on how to stay motivated, even on the hard days. 1. Track your progress. It’s […]

Prime Challenge Male Runner Up: Ismael Anaya

Ismael Anaya has suffered from migraines and depression for a long time — at least since he was 10 years old. They affected him a great deal. Speaking of his migraines, Ismael recalls that “I had one to two a week that were almost debilitating.” Even so, Ismael kept active. He played high school football […]

Clive Winn Awarded Top International Honor

D. Clive Winn, Senior Vice President of Unicity International and President of Dale Carnegie Training of Utah, was honored with Dale Carnegie International’s “Highest Performance in Training” award. In December 2016, Dale Carnegie recognized Winn as one of the top ten Dale Carnegie trainers in the world. The award, based upon participant’s evaluation of trainer […]