Silour is Here

Every good Pinterest hairstyle should start with beautiful, healthy hair. That’s why we made color protection and hydration our priorities when we decided to formulate new haircare products. You deserve hair that stays bright and beautiful, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice hydration and health for the sake of your color. With this in mind, […]

6 Reasons You Should Hop on Board the Latest Celebrity Skincare Obsession

When you hear “collagen” you probably think wrinkles, lip injections, and surgically modified celebrities. But here’s a little Skin 101 secret: you don’t need to go anywhere near a needle to enjoy the benefits of this skin-perfecting protein! Oral collagen is taking the beauty world by storm, and we’re here to tell you everything you […]

Tips for Preparing Unimate

Looking to put a flavorful spin on Unimate? We’re sharing 5 ways you can personalize your daily dose of happiness. Let’s spice things up! Prepare your Unimate hot and stir with a cinnamon stick. 2. Are you cookoo for coconut? Try adding a tablespoon of coconut oil to your Unimate. 3. Put a ‘Complete’ spin […]

Collagen Plus Spotlight

Unicity is pleased to introduce Neigene Collagen Plus, our new nutricosmetic for healthy skin. You know how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin, and what better way to do that than to keep your skin healthy and beautiful? Neigene Collagen Plus provides a unique complement to the rest of our Neigne […]

What makes Unimate so special?

Unimate helps elevate your day with its beneficial ingredients that work to provide a source of peace, productivity, and happiness. Two key ingredients in Unimate are theobromine and chlorogenic acid. These ingredients are responsible for much of Unimate’s cognitive effect, setting it apart from the metabolic effects of Matcha. Why are these ingredients so special? […]

The Origins of Unimate

Unimate brings together tradition and innovation for an exceptional new experience. We take the yerba mate plant and use a proprietary process to purify and concentrate it (more on that in a bit). While the process may be new, the mate plant has a rich tradition that extends hundreds of years into the past. The […]