Unimate Story: Coleen Andruss

Dr. Coleen Andruss, M.D. is no stranger to long days. She’s up every morning at 5 a.m., when most of us are still dreading pressing the snooze button in a couple hours. Four days a week, Coleen is out the door by 5:15 a.m. to exercise before she heads to work. Twice a week, she’s […]

Why You Need Omega-3

You’ve probably heard people talking about Omega-3. From doctors to bloggers, more and more people are touting the benefits of these fatty acids. Not sure what the hype is about? Here’s a quick rundown on Omega-3: Don’t be scared by the “fat” in Omega-3 fatty acids. Lots of us panic at the mention of the […]

5 Ways to Care for Your Hair

Your hair is one of the easiest ways you can express yourself. From a perfect pixie to long waves, you’re sending a message with your hair. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your hair is healthy and beautiful. Here’s five ways you can better care for your hair. Go easy on the heat […]

The Weight of Recovery: A Q&A with Power Lifting Champion Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders is an accomplished powerlifting champion who is setting new records. We caught up with Michael to discuss some of the challenges he’s overcome and what it’s taken to reach his level of accomplishment. With so many different athletic options out there, why did you choose Powerlifting? I’ve always been fairly strong and felt […]

5 Reasons to Take Chlorophyll

Have you heard people talking about chlorophyll lately? We sure have. But if you’re anything like us, the last time you heard about chlorophyll you were sitting in 8th grade science class learning about plant cells. Turns out, chlorophyll is good for more than making plants green. It’s a naturally occurring molecule that has been […]

Quadplex is Now Available

There’s a reason they call it working out. The running, the lifting, the sweating — it’s not easy. Each mile and each rep is work. Fortunately, you’re tough enough to keep going. You know it will be worth it in the end, so you put in the work now. Good for you! Let’s make sure […]