Core Health | The Modern Vitamin

Do you remember the 1930s? Things have definitely changed since then, especially when it comes to the way we understand health. Consider, for example, that many people back then thought that smoking tobacco was actually good for you. Science has made leaps and bounds since then, but sometimes it takes a while for the world […]

Unimate | Elevate Today

Here’s a sentence you’ve almost certainly heard or even said yourself: “I just can’t get by without my daily coffee/soda/energy drink/tea.” People all over the world use drinks to give themselves a pick-me-up and help them power through their days. Unfortunately, this habit is often an unhealthy one. High calorie counts and surprising sugar content […]

Unicity Announces New Partnership with Latin Pop Icon Chayanne

Unicity is pleased to announce a new marketing partnership with Latin pop icon Chayanne. As one of the top Latin artists in the world, Chayanne has sold more than 50 million albums and won countless awards in the music industry. Now he is excited to lend his considerable experience and influence to Unicity’s mission to […]

Top 10 Distributors Promotion

Here at Unicity we’re all about making life better, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re going to make you’re better even better too! Bringing in new prospects is already key to your organization’s success and comes with clear benefits, but we want to reward you even more. Starting in November, we’re going to be […]

Holiday Survival Kit

The holiday season is almost here! This time of year is a favorite for many people, and for good reason. The holidays bring people together and encourage greater kindness, charity, and giving. Plus there’s elaborate decorations, the movies and tv specials we’ve watched since childhood, and the sorts of food you dream about for months […]

Singapore Bonus Points in October

Time is almost up to qualify for the Singapore Rewards Trip!  Take advantage of October’s bonus points promotion while you still can. Download the flyer here.