Three Things I Learned Climbing Mt. Baldy

For the Spring Into Summer campaign that we started in April, I wanted to set a goal that would be fun, but also challenging. Hiking has always been the Goliath that I’ve always wanted to conquer. I love the idea of being outdoors and enjoying everything nature has to offer, but climbing steep hills has […]

Low Carb Parmesan Shrimp

Low-Carb Parmesan Shrimp We are loving this great recipe from Coach Melinda! Did you know that shrimp is a great source of selenium and vitamin B12?  As well as being vitamin enriched, it is also low in carbs.  Try out this parmesan shrimp recipe, share it with your friends, and most of all enjoy it – […]

Five Ways to Control What You Eat

FIVE WAYS TO CONTROL WHAT YOU EAT When switching to a healthier lifestyle, some eating habits can be hard to overcome. Once you get into a routine, the rest falls into place and the healthy habits come naturally. Initially, eating less can feel like a difficult habit to create Here are a few ways that will […]

The Best U Summer!

Here at Unicity, we love seeing how many of you have embraced our theme this year to be The Best U!  From accomplishing your transformation goals, to pushing yourselves in daily activities, and falling in love with new products—we love to see and hear it all! We want to encourage you to keep sharing these stories […]

Three Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

Stress is often times unavoidable – between work, kids, soccer practice, studying and still trying to take care of your own well-being.  It’s important to manage stress for overall health, and to prevent any issues with weight loss from arising.  Finding something you love to do can be a great stress reliever.  Yoga, for example, […]

Why You Need a Cleanse

The holidays don’t just bring great music, cold weather, and time with loved ones – they also bring delicious meals and treats! It’s unavoidable. When we think about the holidays we usually think of weight gain, but it’s important to consider how the sugary treats affect your gut health as well. When we consume a […]

Unimate Story: Rick Jordan

The highest point in the Western Hemisphere is found in the Andes range of Argentina: Aconcagua. It’s one of the Seven Summits — the name collectively given to the highest mountain from each continent. Aconcagua rises 22,838 feet, meaning that all those who attempt to summit it must deal with the high altitude and extreme […]