5 Reasons to Take Chlorophyll

Have you heard people talking about chlorophyll lately? We sure have. But if you’re anything like us, the last time you heard about chlorophyll you were sitting in 8th grade science class learning about plant cells. Turns out, chlorophyll is good for more than making plants green. It’s a naturally occurring molecule that has been shown to help improve the circulatory, digestive, and immune system.

5 Reasons to Take Chlorophyll

You should start supplementing with chlorophyll today, here’s why:

1. Chlorophyll supports skin healing and helps stimulate enzymes the encourage healthy, youthful skin.
2. It is rich in enzymes that help the body restore and replenish red blood cells.
3. Taking chlorophyll promotes satiety, meaning, it may help control hunger and cravings.
4. It promotes healthy digestion, helping the body cleanse and regulate the digestive tract.
5. Chlorophyll is an anti-oxidant powerhouse and a great source of vitamin A, C, E, and K.

Now that we know what Chlorophyll does, we need to figure out the best way to get it. Chlorophyll rich foods are a great way to enjoy the benefits, but lucky for us, you don’t have to eat an entire head of broccoli to get the benefits. Chlorophyll is available in a powder form that’s easy to add to most drinks. Using a dietary supplement like Unicity Super Green is simple and effective way to enjoy chlorophyll and all of its benefits.
5 Reasons to Take Chlorophyll

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