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2015 Year End Message from Stewart Hughes

“As we close another exciting year for Unicity, I am filled with gratitude for all the wonderful and inspiring people I have been able to work with and support throughout the world. You are amazing leaders and friends, and I have the deepest respect for who you are becoming as you journey towards your goals and dreams. You are Making Life Better in our world!

This year we have seen the rise of many new Diamonds and President’s Club members. We have also seen leaders rise to the rank of Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Crown Diamond and we even had a new Royal Crown Diamond in Ms. Miju Park. All the rank advancements are encouraging and we know this trend will only increase in the coming year as we prepare for the Global Leadership Convention in Singapore in December 2016.

Our focus now is to keep growing. We never want to say it’s enough—once a person or a company becomes satisfied with the status quo that person or company begins to go downhill—fast. We are designed to grow, learn and become better and better. We get our strongest satisfaction not from money or material possessions but from adding value to the lives of other people. The better we become, the better we are able to add value. Of course as we add value to others, value comes back to us, and in that virtuous cycle we see our world become a better place to live and our lives become ever more enriched and satisfying.
Think carefully about what you want to become and to do in 2016. When this next year is over we should all be able to say we made the most of it, that we achieved something special and that we did something special for others. As we rise up the ranks from Manager to Director to President’s Club member to Diamond and beyond, we change in wonderful ways. We become better in every aspect of our lives. That growth and refinement is worth making some sacrifices for—working a little harder, getting rid of some bad habits that are holding us back and overall just being a better person.

So how good can you get? How strong can you become? How much growth can you achieve? Don’t set your goals too low—you are better than you think, you have more ability than know, you can do more than you have ever done before. Because success starts in our own minds, I will leave you with a powerful thought from one of the people that has changed my life with his teachings.”

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” —William James”

All my best,
Stewart Hughes

Stewart Hughes Unicity Year End Message 2015

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