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Prime Challenge David McCatty

Motivation From a Good Friend

David McCatty has been friends for many years with former Unicity Transformation Program winner, Steve Vaughan, but hadn’t seen him since before Steve’s Transformation. When they got together, David could not believe how much Steve had changed, and knew that he needed to do whatever Steve did in...

Paul Spor Before and After

Stay the Course

Paul and his wife knew they needed to make a change. They talked to their doctor and decided the most promising weight loss program with the highest success rate for Paul was the Unicity Transformation Program. He and his wife committed themselves to the program and lifestyle, and began their Transf...


Hike Up Your Health

Kelton Lloyd loves to hike. But when you weigh 295 pounds like Kelton used to, hiking can be difficult! That’s why he decided to start the Unicity Transformation Program.

Lindsay Detmore

Shedding for the Wedding

Lindsay Detmore had always struggled with keeping her weight down. That, combined with a thyroid issue and polycystic ovarian syndrome, was a recipe for disaster. Lindsay had a few months until her wedding, and she wanted to look good for it. After trying and failing at several different diets and ...