Cleansing � Wellness for the body: ClearStart™

An old proverb says: �Healthy bowel, healthy body�. There is a lot of truth to this � did you know that:

� � the majority of our immune system lies within the intestinal lining?
� � 70 to 80 % of the immune cells live in our gut?
� � there are over 100 millions of nerve cells in the intestine, more than in the spinal cord?
� � during human life, an average of 30 tons of food and 50,000 litres of beverages pass through the body?

A healthy intestinal flora consists of billions of microorganisms but various factors like stress, wrong food or eating habits and even drugs such as antibiotics can throw it out of balance and therefore disturb our well-being.

As soon as this subtle balance is destroyed, unwanted organisms can start to proliferate, our digestive system is overwhelmed and we start feeling unwell, lack energy with apparently no �reason�. Only if the intestinal flora is kept in balance, the intestine is able to properly fulfill all its diverse functions � an essential prerequisite for a healthy immune system, vitality, well-being and performance.

It�s time for you to discover a new quality of life. ClearStart� offers you a system with 3 powerful nutritional products based on plant extracts which are traditionally used to maintain intestinal health and physical well-being.

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