Bios Life C™

Bios Life C™ is an innovative, naturally-based formula containing over 20 vital substances. Five soluble and insoluble fibers are the foundation of this formula that builds a fiber matrix in the digestive tract. This fiber matrix coats the nutrients of the food and little by little releases these again evenly.

Taken in connection with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, Bios Life C™ naturally supports the body
� in maintaining healthy LDL and HDL cholesterol levels
� by positively influencing blood sugar levels
� to maintain a healthy digestive tract
� by maintaining healthy intestinal flora
� to better utilize important nutrients
� to feel fit and energetic every day
� by providing a pleasant feeling of satiation when taken before a meal

Bios Life C™ not only provides a valuable contribution to daily health prevention, it also supports maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, which is the most expensive health problem of today�s society. Meanwhile, Bios Life C™ has been able to help millions of people in over 30 countries worldwide to improve their quality of life.

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