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New Presidential Director: Lucia Young Lee

Unicity is please to recognize Lucia Young Lee as our newest Presidential Director. Lucia and her husband have been married for 33 years and have raised two health-focused children together. Lucia’s daughter teaches yoga in New York and her son is a personal trainer in Texas. “Health and wellness is very much a family thing […]

How to Intentionally Manage Stress

In the U.S., tax season is upon us, with the deadline fast approaching. Imagine you are filing taxes and discover that you owe the government thousands more than you anticipated. Your heart starts to race and your hands begin to sweat as you think about your hard-earned money being drained from your savings account. Now […]

10 Foods to Eat for Clear, Glowing Skin

Everyone wants skin that is clear, vibrant, and radiates that coveted youthful glow. With the help of spa-quality products, estheticians, and dermatologists, finding topical products that give us flawless, envy-worthy, skin isn’t difficult, but do we ever stop to think about how what we are putting IN our body is affects our skin? What we […]

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